SIZES: 20x9 - 20x15 / 22x9 - 22x15 / 24x9 - 24x15 / 26x9 - 26x15

The Concave Series offers multiple styles and concavity profiles. Our traditional-style concave wheel utilizes forgings with a leg that pushes the face of the wheel out, sitting the leg of the forging on the lip of the wheel. Concave No Leg Forgings are great for aggressive styling, detail, and concavity. Unlike a concave wheel with a leg, this forging’s concavity starts at the flange of the wheel where the hardware is then dives inward, giving the wheel a unique and modern look. Concave Leg Forgings utilizes a leg that’s connected to the flange and rests on the lip of the wheel. This allows for a clean concave look without the crazy-negative offset. Deep Concave Leg forging is similar to the AXL (Amani Extended Leg) series, without extending past the lip.



SIZES: 20x9 - 20x15 / 22x9 - 22x15 / 24x9 - 24x15 / 26x9 - 26x15

The AXL (Amani Extended Leg) Series speaks to the high-end forged market. This series utilizes a special forging that extends the face of the wheel out, sitting on the edge of the lip - for a unique, modern, and luxurious look. The AXL Series is a unique series giving your wheel the max amount of concave. The AXL series gives a unique style the Amani Forged line up like nothing we’ve ever offered before.



SIZES: 22x8.25 / 24x8.25 / 26x8.25 / 28x8.25 / 30x8.25

Back in 2020, we took it one step further, entering the Dually market with some designs that immediately separated Amani from the competition. We’ve been working hard, each year, behind the scenes to create some modern dually wheel designs gaining a ton of traction. The dually forging uses the same styling as a traditional dually wheel but levels-up a notch by offering larger sizes, custom designs, and custom finishes. Our dually wheels are built to directly bolt on without the addition of an adaptor.



SIZES: 22x12, 22x14 / 24x12, 24x14, 24x16 / 26x12, 26x14, 26,x16 / 28x12,
28x14, 28x16 / 30x16

The Off-Road Series is in the top 2 “best-selling” series of wheels that Amani Forged has ever released. The Off-Road Series is a one-piece wheel, built using an American-made mono-block forging, available in sizes 22-30". The Off-Road Series takes some of our hottest designs from the Original Forged Series, turning them into a mono-block - work of art. Our 1 piece monobloc Off-Road Series is new to Amani Forged, it’s a market we’re excited to tap into. The Off-Road Forging uses a monobloc structure to allow for strength and durability.



SIZES: 20x9 - 20x15 / 22x9 - 22x15 / 24x9 - 24x15 / 26x9 - 26x15 / 28x9 -
28x12 / 30x9 - 30x11 / 32x9 - 32x11 / 34x9 - 34x11

The Original Forged Series is the first collection of wheels ever released by Amani Forged. Each wheel in this series utilizes a standard, convex style forging to allow for maximum lip size and brake clearance. The Original Forged Series offers 80+ styles, exceeding any other series by Amani Forged Wheels. Our Original Forging is almost a completely flat faced, which allows for fine detail. This is our most commonly used forging, the profile most people go with.